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When possible I will try to include the location I shot the photo from. Photo taken at Minnesota State fair 2010

In fact this blog is more about where we shoot from rather than the technicals that accompany shooting great photographs. Please add your comments and questions and especially any locations you would like to share that you feel are good vantage points for photographing not only city images but all image subjects, like favorite landscapes, nature, birding, boating and others in the city, metro or out state areas.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

These photos were taken at the 2007 Minnesota state fair, The bird house is something people always tell me about, I collect Red Owl memorabilia and several times a year people I meet will tell me where they have seen one of these bird houses around town. Finally in 2007 my wife and I made it to the fair and to Bill Morgan’s store “Billy’s” I took a photo and my wife, bought a bird house, she felt after all our efforts to see this amazing work of art and craftsmanship that we just had to have one.

This second photo is one from the arts building at the state fair it won a ribbon, I felt it should have taken 1st place, it did take 1st in my book.

The fair starts soon, one of my daughters and I have entered photos in the art show contest, we are in suspense to see if we even place, they don’t take all the photos entered, and we are curious and anxious to follow the process.


Just Roaming The Cities said...

Would that be the same William/Billy Morgan who does caricatures? Come visit my Twin Cities blog if you would, and tell me :) thanks. Im extremely psyched about the fair. We're going all weekend, camping there overnite even!

12story said...

I haven’t met Bill Morgan, I do think we have two different Bill’s, This one has the store in Heritage square with a lot of handmade novelties, I don’t recall seeing Caricatures or paintings. Golly, I wish I could camp at the fair. We are going soon hope to see Brandi Carlyle Sing.