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When possible I will try to include the location I shot the photo from. Photo taken at Minnesota State fair 2010

In fact this blog is more about where we shoot from rather than the technicals that accompany shooting great photographs. Please add your comments and questions and especially any locations you would like to share that you feel are good vantage points for photographing not only city images but all image subjects, like favorite landscapes, nature, birding, boating and others in the city, metro or out state areas.

Take your camera with you every where that you go, so when opportunity knocks you are ready

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Friday, July 30, 2010

St Albins Bay Bridge

Photo opportunities are bountiful around the lake Minnetonka area, I have followed the seasons, the colors and the people around the lake and the photos always seem to tell a story. watching the local papers and internet search, photo contest and new gallery openings can often be found if that happens to be your venue. 
 Today this young man learns to bait his own hook and even take his fish off of the hook.

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